Chayah, an indie folk/rock band from the Netherlands. You may describe them as fiery and enchanting; an indie folk singer with an experimental rock band. Although they are not easily to be defined. For playing with sentences she translates her life to metaphors. They speak to boundless imagination through words on melancholic melodies. 


With their EP "From Dust to Dust" Chayah tells stories about the contradictions of life. From finiteness to eternity, from betray to security. Written from her darkness,  longing for the light. About how we are ever changing, but always stay the same. 


Chayah takes you on an odyssee of self-exploration. Recognizable, personal, exciting and very intimate with a gloomy vibe. 


In 2013 she performed on national television for ''De Beste Singer-Songwriter van Nederland''. And was one of the finalists of ''de Grote Prijs van NL'' in Paradiso, Amsterdam. 


They played the support acts for artists like The Staves, Rachel Sermanni, Marissa Nadler and The Veils. 

Bookings: Lotte Aarnink at Lotte Books it All 
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Photography by Iris-Sanne Fotografie