Debut EP 'From Dust to Dust' out now!

'From Dust to Dust' is a story about Life's vulnerability and her burning desire to love and be loved in return. This is a story filled with contradictions. From finiteness into infinity, from betray to security. Written from her darkness, longing for the light. About how we are ever changing, and always stay the same. 

For we are made from Dust and into Dust we shall return. 

Upcoming gigs

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18/2   The Livingroom, Zwolle 

26/3   Taribush Wandelfestival (solo), Dwingeloo

05/5   Bevrijdingsfestival Overijssel, Zwolle

25/5   Café Hofman, Utrecht

26/5   Lalaland, Harderwijk  

28/5   Café de Cactus, Hengelo

18/6   Mañana Mañana, Vorden

30/7   Taribush Kuna, Dwingeloo 

21/10  Café de Taverne, Bergen

Bookings: Lotte Aarnink at Lotte Books it All 
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Photography by Iris-Sanne Fotografie